Formerly Brahmavihara Cambodia AIDS Project

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Beth Kanji Goldring: Beth, an American Zen nun in the Japanese Rinzei tradition, founded Brahmavihara/Cambodia AIDS Project in 2000. She is a former ballet dancer, university humanities teacher and human rights worker. She was ordained in 1995. Currently she studies vipassana with Gil Fronsdal. Beth has received a number of awards for Brahmavihara's work.

Lok Yay Coy Srein: Lok Yay (the title is an honorific meaning reverend grandmother) began working with Ramo and Beth towards the end of 2000 and retired in 2010. Specializing in chanting for the dying she embodied simultaneously everyone's idealized grandmother and the Buddha.

Yiv Ramo: Ramo, who graduated in psychology from Phnom Penh University in 2006, began in 2000 as Beth's translator and is still responsible for complex translation within the project. He has shown great gifts for Reiki, working with deep concentration and tenderness. He is also knowledgeable about Khmer chanting and ritual.

Keo Sopheap: Pheap, the project's director, has been working with the project since 2001. His leadership developed through consensus: all of us spontaneously look to him for sensible and deeply compassionate decisionmaking. He is also the best of us at distinguishing truth from fiction in the stories we are told by patients.

Saum Bun Heng: Heng has worked with Brahmavihara since 2004, although we knew her from 2001, when her husband was dying. She then worked as a Maryknoll caregiver. She has a great capacity for joyousness and for eliciting joyousness even under terrible circumstances.

Heng Soeun: Soeun, along with Sok Ny (below), became part of our staff in 2006 through the kindness of Helen Hann, who taught all of us Healing Touch and continues to support these two people. Formerly a Maryknoll caregiver Soeun, like Ramo, has great capacities for Reiki and powerful compassionate response.  Like Pheap, she is also gifted at telling fact from fiction.

Ye Sok Ny: Sok Ny, whom we have known since 2003, became a staff member along with Souen in 2006, thanks partly to Helen Hann's kindness. Without prior experience in caregiving she has progressed enormously because of her completely wholehearted and generous effort. She is a model for Right Effort within the project (Sok Ny's portrait photo is by Beth).

Keo Preung: Preung, who is in his fifties and has six children, began working with us at the beginning of 2009. He was ordained as a monk in childhood, before the Khmer Rouge, and brings a knowledge of Dhamma to his work. Like Soeun, who is also his neighbor, Preung is known for the depth of his compassion and commitment.

Van Neung: Neung started working with us in the middle of 2009. Although she began without experience in patient care, she brings a warm heart and eagerness to work well to everything she does. Patients love and trust her.

Chhum Nyang: Nyang came to us from Maryknoll in March 2010. He is very experienced with patients and brings both skill and practicality to his work.

The four Brahmavihara (dwelling places of the Brahma or boundless virtues) are lovingkindness, compassion, shared joyousness and equanimity.
All photographs, except where otherwise noted, Bennett Stevens 2005/2006. Used with gratitude.