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Here are some websites with which we have relations:

I. Dharma Centers: This is my dharma sister Susan Postal's Zen community in New Rochelle, New York. Her center is known for the warmth of its approach to Zen teachings. This is Beth's teacher, Gil Fronsdal's, Vipassana community in Redwood City, California is the site for talks; some of Beth's guest talks are on it. Gil is a fully authorized teacher in both the Zen and the Vipassana traditions. This is the site for Tathaaloka Bhikkhuni in California. It is the first community for Theravada women practitioners in the US. She is one of the nuns working to restore the Theravada ordination for women. This is the site for a lovely Zen community in Pittsburgh. They were very kind to me when my mother was dying many years ago and I have visited annually ever since. This is the site for Sensei Angie Boissevain, who was transmitted in the San Francisco Zen Center lineage through Kobun Chino Roshi. Angie is a fine poet and known for her delicacy and precision. This is the site for Roshi Enkyo O'Hara, who is fully transmitted in Maezumi Roshi's Zen lineage. Her center is very joyous and also contains many activist practitioners, working in prisons, with AIDS patients, in chaplaincy and in peace work. This is the site for Daniel Buckly, a zen priest, who does beautifully moving work across a range of painful issues: from Native American rights to prisons to many locations of profound suffering. We know directly of lives he has changed. I don't know the very many things this famous institute does. We are in contact with them primarily because they are kind enough to send Reiki to our patients as part of their training program. This is the website for the Buddhist Chaplaincy Network; it is a new organization trying to deal with both the practical (accreditation, etc.) and the substantive issues raised by chaplaincy. This is the site for Sensei Misha Merrill. Based in Palo Alto and Woodside California, it is in the Shunro Suzuki Roshi tradition. Misha is deeply committed to lay practice and to the transformation of ordinary life. This is the website for the Buddhist Chaplaincy Network; it is a new organization trying to deal with both the practical (accreditation, etc.) and the substantive issues raised by chaplaincy. This is the site for Kobutsu Shindo Malone, who is extremely active in prison chaplaincy, anti-death penalty, prison reform, human rights and other work. He is a student of Roshi Shodo Harada.


II. Various Organizations in Cambodia and the Region: LICADHO is a human rights organization working across a broad range of problems, including health, poverty, children's rights and civil and political rights. I worked for them for several years when I first came to Cambodia. We coordinate a lot with them. This is the site for Mitsamlang/Friends excellent street children's organization. They provide housing, training, outreach and many other services. They also have a large support program for children from families affected by AIDS. They have also begun working in Laos and have an international branch. This is the site for Partners in Compassion, a Christian/Buddhist organization based at Wat Opot south of Phnom Penh. We often coordinate with them. Roeum and her daughter now live there. This is the site for Korsang, who do excellent work with drug addicts, sex workers and homeless people. They do outreach, help provide AIDS testing and counseling, provide some medical care, run a drop-in center, do needle exchange and other harm reduction work and are generally committed to helping people nobody else wants to reach. We do a lot of work with them. This is a site for some very moving photos of
human rights and related issues. John spent time in the West Bank and
Gaza Strip and has recorded conditions with faithfulness and compassion.


III. These are some more general sites of relevance: This is the site for a lovely guesthouse in Cambodia, run as a training organization for young Khmer people and created to provide a peaceful haven for those visiting some of Cambodia's more difficult historical places. This is the website for Donald Gilliland, who runs an excellent used bookstore in Bangkok and writes on many things Asian.


IV. Resources: This is our wonderful photographer. We were unable to include many of his most beautiful photos so please look at his site. This is our wonderful webmaster, Marek Dyjak. Everything good about the site comes from him. The mistakes are mine.

The four Brahmavihara (dwelling places of the Brahma or boundless virtues) are lovingkindness, compassion, shared joyousness and equanimity.
All photographs, except where otherwise noted, Bennett Stevens 2005/2006. Used with gratitude.